Hino Rei is Serenity's guardian representing Mars, the senshi of fire and passion. She is sought-after for her gift of prophecy, being especially skilled at interpreting the sacred flames. As a soldier she controls fire, manipulating all things that burn. Though sometimes quick-tempered and flame-tongued, she displays a maturity and perception unmatched among her peers. Her dream is to become a shrine maiden, and she spurns any romantic attention from men.

Jadeite is the second youngest of Endymion's (and later Beryl's) shitennou. He is in charge of Earth's Far East division. Jadeite is a master of illusion, and he prefers to rely on youma to do his dirty work. Ambitious and strong-willed, his hotheadedness often gets him into trouble. It is assumed that he shares strong bonds with the rest of the shitennou.

Takeuchi likely paired Rei with Jadeite because of their similar personalities. They are both quick-witted, fiery, and strong. Jadeite's penchant for daring and his hunger for a challenge would meet its match with Rei's disinterest in men and her spitfire emotions. Fans often interpret their love as a sarcastic, passionate affair that leads to a smoldering spiritual bond.

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