The tall woman turns suddenly, the hem of her white lab coat swishing in a growing breeze. The observatory stands behind her, cold and solemn. She gazes at it one last time. It is all she has worked for, all that could stop this growing darkness from seizing her homeland. By night she can defend the universe; by day she must remain a normal woman...

Her name is Meiou Setsuna, a name roughly meaning "Moment Dark Ruler." She is a tall, dark-skinned woman with ebony-green hair and crimson eyes. The most mature Senshi, she is undoubtedly beautiful.

Such a cute dress!Setsuna is a Scorpio, her birthday falling on the 29th day of October. Her blood type is A. Dark red and green are her favorite colors. She loves green tea and physics and despises cockroaches and music class.

Fashion is a major passion of hers. Setsuna is an excellent seamstress and enjoys dreaming up new styles. She hopes to one day become a clothing designer (a wise choice, judging from her cute outfits in the manga ^^).

Sciences, specifically physics, are her most enjoyable subjects. Setsuna often spends time working at an observatory in the manga. Later in the series, she acts as a nurse at Chibi Usa's school.

Setsuna is a very withdrawn woman. She is more likely to spend a day alone than in the company of others. She spends excessive amounts of time by herself and is not one to easily share feelings. With this withdrawn nature comes an undying desire for companionship. This need is sometimes met by her fellow deep-space guardians: Haruka, Michiru, and especially Hotaru.

Setsuna shows a huge weakness for children. She absolutely loves them, especially Chibi Usa, who affectionately refers to Setsuna as "Puu." Hotaru, whom Setsuna raised along with Haruka and Michiru when she was reborn, is also close to her heart. The Death Senshi often calls her "Setsuna-mama." So cute! ^^

"Sailor Pluto's mission and situation are entirely different from that of Princess Selenity's four guardian soldiers. She carries the blood of the god in charge of time, Cronos. She lives between time, the solitary guardian of the door of the underworld. Time is the last inviolable territory. Since ages ago, the space-time door has been off-limits, and Sailor Pluto was the one who enforced that." --King Endymion, Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon Act 19

She is the Senshi that not even the Princess's Guardians knew existed. She was given a task at the dawning of time, a task that would mean destruction of life if she ever abandoned it.

SailorplutoIn a time known as the Silver Millennium, a Queen of the Moon gave Sailorpluto a mission: to stand in oblivion and forever guard the Time Gates. She was neither permitted to leave, nor to cross time, nor to stop time. She was to stand, shrouded in mists, for eternity. And this she did with striking obedience.

The Time Senshi knows no age. She is the immortal Sailor. Long after the other Senshi have perished, Sailorpluto will still be standing by the Crystal Gateways.

Sailorpluto is a very devoted warrior. Time and death could not keep her from her mission. Even when love arose in her heart, Sailorpluto did not stray her fate. A good thing, too, for if she abandoned the Time Gates, chaos would erupt!

The Time Senshi is undoubtedly among the most powerful. She has, after all, the ability to stop the flow of time (though she is not necessarily permitted to do so). She is a calm fighter and balances well some of the other Senshis' hotheadedness. ^^

Sailorpluto is keeper of the Garnet Orb: one of the three talismans. The others, the Space Sword and Aqua Mirror, belong to her comrades Sailoruranus and Sailorneptune. When brought together, the talismans signal the birth of Sailorsaturn and the end of the world.

Whenever Sailorpluto is needed, Setsuna has only to yell "Pluto Planet Power, Make Up!" to transform to the Senshi of Time. Enemies are left at the mercy of such attacks as "Dead Scream," "Chronos Typhoon," "Dark Dome Close," and the forbidden "Time Stop." The Garnet Orb is also a valuable weapon, as it emanates a powerful force field.

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