The Flipside

I wrote my initial Setsuna/Endymion article nearly ten years ago, when my fluttering young teenage heart was eager to read any affectionate gesture as veiled expressions of romance. Rereading the series as an adult, I don't find myself drawing the same conclusions I did in the past.

The reasons for romantic feelings I cited in my first analysis are all confined to Act 23 of the manga. One thing that hasnÕt changed in my interpretations of the series is my belief in the tenacity and utter devotion Setsuna has for her duties. Though SetsunaÕs love for Chibi Usa is obvious (in the present day, at least), it isnÕt always noted that her commitment to guarding the Crystal Gate, monitoring the flow of time, and keeping the Garnet Orb stems from an intimate love and concern for the royal family. Endymion may have been the only one present during her sacrifice, but her motivations for using the forbidden Time Stop were equally fueled by a desire to keep Neo Queen and Small Lady safe. This eagerness to follow orders is demonstrated earlier when Queen Serenity first assigns Setsuna her mission.

Another point worth mentioning is that, though SetsunaÕs solitaire is the most mentioned, hers is not the only mission meant to be carried out alone. In Act __ when the three talisman guardians explain their pasts, Haruka says, ÒWe guarded in hidden places, aloneÉÓ This implies that, like Setsuna, Haruka and Michiru were also isolated from the Moon Kingdom. So while some interpret her past life as a long loneliness eased only by some sort of hidden love for her king, the reality that two others shared similar fates throws doubt on the assumption that Endymion, somehow, is the only one who empathized with the time guardian.

I donÕt know that Setsuna didnÕt have romantic feelings for Endymion, but I am less inclined to believe it.

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