Iron Heart

"The untold truth of love is also a sadness."
--Setsuna, Onna no Ronsou

Meiou Setsuna is a woman completely devoted to her mission. It is her life, her one true purpose, and she would strive through anything, even death, to accomplish it. It seems that she has no care for relationships. She has few friends, none of them very close; no family; no soul mate. But such may not have always been the case...

This raises a controversial issue, but one I choose to believe is true: Sailorpluto loved Endymion.

It is noted many times that Sailorpluto looks up to Endymion. Of course she is his guardian in a way, but it cannot be helped to wonder if at one time she thought of him as anything more. Is it her duty? Or love? One would not think the latter upon a quick review of her character. She is the silent guardian in all aspects: patient, quiet, dedicated... Is it possible for a woman with such a calling to feel romantic love?

Evident at the beginning is the fact that Sailorpluto rarely grins. She is mostly seen with a look of concern or thoughtfulness. When Prince Dimando takes Sailormoon captive, Endymion tells Sailorpluto that he depends on her. She smiles. Chibi Usa notices and thinks to herself, "Puu only smiles like that with me."

As Chibi Usa is taken by Wiseman during the Nemesis Arc, Sailorpluto falls to the ground. The loss of her friend causes Sailorpluto to call out for Small Lady. But Sailorpluto also calls out for King Endymion. Perhaps because of her love for him?

Using the forbidden Time Stop, Sailorpluto sacrifices her life to save the world. Strength gone, she falls to the ground with final breaths. The King stands above her as she utters her final words:

"I... carried out my mission with honor... King... Your face is so close... Don't look so sad... Your lavender suit... The beautiful violet of sunset... King..." --Sailorpluto, Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon Act 23

This could mean any number of things. The fulfillment of her duty to most, but perhaps love could be a part of this, too. The timeless Senshi is dying and for a final time before her death she is able to behold her beloved. He is so close to her: what she might have longed for for eternity. What a wonderful and tragic thing: to adore the object of your affections one last time before the hands of death enclose upon your mind.

One last point I would like to make comes from the Fifth Sailormoon Musical. I understand that it is not a great source for pure series information and that several aspects of the series were changed drastically in the dramas. Still this excerpt leaves you with something to ponder:

Sailor Pluto: When you truly loved someone for the first time, I could see your heart's shape. That person that you loved, though it was hopeless, I loved him too. I continued to look at the shape of loneliness.
Queen Beryl: Deep destiny and the love I believed in when they were murdered through horrible betrayal the only thing that supported me was hate. For me, to hate is to love.
Sailor Pluto: If it is loves incarnation of hate once more, please return it back to love.
Queen Beryl: For a woman who never asked for love, is this sadness something you can understand?
Sailor Pluto: I understand, certainly. The untold truth of love is also a sadness...

Interesting, ne? Sailorpluto and Queen Beryl converse about love. From reading the series one would know that Queen Beryl is in love with Endymion, so obviously it is about him whom the women are talking. Of course nothing like this ever happens in the manga or anime, but it is still an interesting tidbit to think about. (Quote taken from Onna no Ronsou "A Women's Dispute" from Memorial Album of the Musical V.)

The question still burns in any fan's mind: Does Sailorpluto love Endymion? Is it only duty? I find it hard to believe that she does not feel some kind of emotion for him, be it love or not. Her mannerism around him seems much different than a stoic guardian's should be. Do I believe that they ever shared a romantic relationship? No. Sailorpluto lives a solitary life, adapting her soul to loneliness, silence, and perhaps even coyness. I could never imagine her sharing feelings with anyone, much less love with a predestined man. No, I think she and her King never have and never will share the romantic relationship. I do believe that Sailorpluto will always dream of him, though, even if it can never be.

So, have you changed your thoughts of Sailorpluto's love predicament?

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