Children of My Heart

The Soldier of Time cannot be distracted. Personal love should have little meaning to her. It would interfere with her devotion to her mission. Yet two children weave their ways through a frozen exterior into the warmth of Setsuna's soul. One is a future queen; one is a prophecy of death and rebirth. Each knows the meaning of true loneliness. Meet two special young ladies who hold places in the Time Senshi's heart:

Tsukino Chibi Usa

The first would be Tsukino Chibi Usa, the fire-eyed, pink-odangoed child of Neo-Queen Serenity and Neo-King Endymion. While living in the future, Chibi Usa, called Small Lady, meets the Soldier of Time and thus a friendship blossoms. Often times Chibi Usa visits Sailorpluto in the misty abyss, easing the Time Senshi's loneliness. Sailorpluto even earns a special nickname from Chibi Usa: Puu.

Senshi of the Pink Odango!In the latter part of Sailormoon R, Sailorpluto gives Chibi Usa a time key which permits her to travel into the past to aid Sailormoon. When Sailormoon and her guardian senshi enter the time dimension Sailorpluto intends to kill them for their act of disobedience. That is, until she learns that they are friends of Chibi Usa. Chibi Usa is not permitted to return to her own time, but being a very close friend, Sailorpluto is gentle and does not punish her for disobeying orders. That is love.

Their friendship is so strong due to each lady's ability to fill a void within the other. Small Lady struggles with the feelings that she is too young and has too little power. Although it is clear that she and her mother share a deeply loving relationship, Small Lady feels intimidated by her mother's extreme strength and power. Sailorpluto provides a source of encouragement for the young princess. Chibi Usa knows that she can come to Sailorpluto with her insecurities and that her beloved Puu will answer with patience and compassion. Sailorpluto validates Chibi Usa's feelings and makes her feel supported.

For Sailorpluto, Chibi Usa acts as a cure for the loneliness with which she is all too familiar. Sailorpluto's relationship with the other senshi, especially during the Silver Millennium, is one based almost solely on duty. Small Lady, however, is genuinely interested in the heart of the Time Warrior. The young princess approaches her with an intimacy that Sailorpluto had never known before.

Whenever Chibi Usa is around Setsuna a smile brushes her face, which is a great rarity. The fact that the stoic soldier could show love at all is unthought of.

Sailorpluto thinks upon Small Lady as her first, and probably most dear, friend. It is no wonder, too.

Tomoe Hotaru

Sailorsaturn and SailorplutoTomoe Hotaru is a girl who never should have been born. Through a twist of fate she is reincarnated on Earth. The young girl holds the powers of the Death and Rebirth Senshi Sailorsaturn. It is told that through the combining of the three Talismans, Sailorsaturn would be awakened and the end of the world would commence. It is Sailormoon's big heart that interferes. She can not bear to see Hotaru killed, fights fate and wins. Hotaru is then reborn.

Haruka, Michiru, and Setsuna take on the responsibility of raising the newly reborn Senshi of Death. Hotaru affectionately refers to them as "Haruka-papa," "Michiru-mama," and "Setsuna-mama."

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