Lonesome Eternal

Sailorpluto was placed at the Gates of Time. Beside her, a garnet staff empowered by the blood of Chronos, the time god. It was all she had, all that would be with her for eternity. Yet she still accepted the mission.

But what does this mission really mean?

In an uncertain time, although undoubtedly long ago, Queen Selenity selected Sailorpluto to guard the Time Gates. It would be her mission to protect the past, present, and future from invaders. She would be responsible for stopping anyone who would abuse the privledge of time travel.

"Pluto," Queen Selenity says. "You watch the space-time door. You are the soldier who controls time and space. There are three things you must not do..."1

Queen Serenity giving Sailorpluto ordersThe Time Guardian was put under three taboos. Enchantments or such, cast by the Queen to keep Sailorpluto dedicated to her mission, to make sure that the Crystal Gateways would never stand unattended.

"First, you may not cross time..."

The Senshi who controlled travel through the Abyss was never allowed to enter into it herself. Distractions could prove fatal, and distractions such as love and laughter the Time Soldier could not afford to make. This taboo was cast to keep Sailorpluto's mind on her destiny, and her destiny only.

"Second, you can never leave the door you must protect..."

This forbidden action ties in directly with the first. To cross time, she must abandon watch over the Abyss; to abandon the Abyss would mean to cross time. The Time Gates are located in a misty void in an unknown dimension. The only other thing to fill the void is the endless fog. Not much of a chance becoming distracted by nothing, so the only possible way to leave the Crystal Gates is to cross time.

"The third thing you must not do: You mustn't stop time. You and the garnet rod you carry are endowed with the power to move time. But no matter what happens, you must never stop time..."

She had the power to do it. With a swish of her staff and a cry of her lungs, time could be held still. But Queen Selenity specifically forbid it. Why? Perhaps to keep Sailorpluto from abusing the power. Perhaps to ensure that the flow of time would remain constant. In truth, it is not known why exactly this power was prohibited.

The taboos came into effect. Sailorpluto was neither allowed to cross time, nor leave her position, nor stop time. But what would happen if the Time Senshi violated those laws?

"If you ever violate that law... You will give up your life."

The one thing Sailorpluto wanted most was companionship and a chance to fight for her Princess. If ever she reached for her longing, death would result. Such a harsh sentence for a young woman to bear. So many things of childhood denied her by cruel destiny.

And yet she still chose to partake in this mission . . .

It shows her inconcievable devotion and obedience. More importantly it reveals the size of her heart. She was willing to stand eternally alone to preserve the divine fate of the Moon Kingdom.

1 All quotes taken from volume 6, act 22, and volume 7, act 23 of the manga.

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