Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon R, the series' second season, introduces readers to a plethora of new stories, ideas, and figures. Usagi and Mamoru are quite abruptly introduced to their future daughter, a family of enemies bearing inverted crescents establishes itself as the white moon's antithesis, and the Sailor Senshi find themselves caught in a web of mysterious deaths and kidnappings. It is amid this chaos that Sailorpluto is first introduced. She is steadfast in her duty, easily the most mature of the Sailor Senshi, and shrouded in mystery.


Series Saving the world in high heels
Overview Statistics and fast facts


Meiou Setsuna The garnet-eyed silent guardian
Aesthetics Beauty in a lab coat, soldier in a short skirt
Attacks Calling on the powers of time
Garnet Orb The red crystal talisman
Mission Serenity's orders and taboos
Development Evolution of a warrior


Uranus and Neptune The talisman three
Chibi Usa and Hotaru Children of her heart
Endymion The Crystal Tokyo lover?
Endymion Revisited Another look at love

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