Past Layouts

Crimson Mysteria has gone through multiple layouts during the eight plus years it has been online. Unfortunately, some of the earliest designs have been lost in the ether of the internet, but those that I have been able to salvage are displayed below. For larger previews and past layouts of my other sites, visit Flower Hurricane.

Version 06 Current Version
The current layout was put up on January 2011, and it is the site's sixth original design. It was made using an image from the second artbook. Takeuchi notes that she liked coloring the dark red in the picture, particularly Sailorpluto's lips, so I have tried to highlight these things in this layout.

Credits go to Aethereality for the image, Ribbonized for texures, Dearest for brushes, and Font Garden for fonts. It was made using Adobe Photoshop, and it took approximately 12 hours to make and code.

Version 05Version 04Version 03

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