Credits and Resources

Crimson Mysteria is indebted to various sites and individuals who have provided everything from graphics to information. First is Bunny's now-defunct Guardian Princess Palaces, a collection of shrines to each Sailor Senshi. Crimson Mysteria, then titled Guardian Princess Pluto's Palace, constituted the Sailorpluto portion of that fansite. Alex Glover's The Manga of Takeuchi Naoko and Elly's Miss Dream have been an invaluable source for translations of the manga and other source materials. Miss Dream has also very graciously provided the raw scans and anime episodes that I have edited and fashioned into an image gallery. Other images for use in layouts and intext images have been borrowed from The Oracle, MangaStyle, Star Dusting and Aethereality.

The current layout was made using an image from Aethereality, textures from Ribbonized and Dearest, and fonts from Font Garden. It was made using Adobe Photoshop.

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