Welcome to Crimson Mysteria, a shrine to Meiou Setsuna and her alter-ego, Sailorpluto, of Takeuchi Naoko's manga and anime meta-series Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon. Setsuna is a mature and quiet woman, a scientist and a devoted caretaker. As Sailorpluto she is the guardian of the gates of time, the lonely senshi of the endless void. I first fell in love with her mystery and the intensity she displays as a soldier. She provides a depth to the series that rounds out the light-heartedness of the early seasons, and it is this depth that I hope to explore in this modest tribute. This shrine is mostly essay-based and pays special attention to the manga incarnation of Takeuchi's character. Please browse with caution as the site is filled with unmarked spoilers for the entire series. That being said, please take your time, look around, and enjoy your visit.

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