Kino Makoto is Serenity's guardian representing Jupiter, the "senshi of protection." She is feared for her almost superhuman strength and her inability to step down from a fight. As a soldier she controls the forces of nature, often calling upon thunder and lightning. At heart she is deeply caring, motherlike figure, who wants nothing more than to shed her tomboy image and appear feminine and beautiful. She tends plants, displays a knowledge of tea, and her most fervent dream is to cook enough food so that no one would be hungry or unhappy.

Nephrite is the second oldest of Endymion's (and later Beryl's) shitennou. He is in charge of Earth's North American division. His power is his shadow, which can assume any human form and possess any person or object, and he prefers to work alone. Though often shown as arrogant, or "emotional and intense," Nephrite displays a deep sense of brotherhood with his fellow shitennou.

Takeuchi likely paired Makoto with Nephrite because of their similar personalities. They are both fire-hearted and ambitious. Nephrite's masculine power would match Makoto's tough but feminine strength. Fans often interpret their love as an initial challenge that dissolves into a passionate, forever type of bond.

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