The Star Questionnaire

These questions may not be frequent, but they have all been asked at least once before. If you have a concern not addressed here, feel free to email me.

Why did you make a site dedicated to Makoto?
I just love her. I love her strong spirit, her power, her gentleness. I identify with her want to be strong and her insecurities about not being feminine enough. The first episode I saw was dub episode 9, "Cruise Blues," so by chance the first senshi I witnessed awaken was Sailor Jupiter, and she has more-or-less remained my favorite anime heroine ever since.

This site used to have a different layout on every page! Why did you change it to one layout?
I began shrine-making in the late nineties, and making different layouts for each page is how things were done. The shrine community was still developing, and most sites were small, which made having several different layouts no big feat. When this shrine started, it only had three subpages, making its upkeep very easy. Since this shrine has grown so much over the years, the task of maintaining different layouts on each page has become too much to handle, but I am always trying to find ways to preserve that old-school charm.

May I use your information?
If you learn something new and would like to include it on your site, go right ahead. I would appreciate some credit, though (a simple footnote will suffice). Most of the information on my site, however, is based on my own observations of Sailor Jupiter. Please do not take my write-ups and post them. I worked very hard bringing this site to be, and I would appreciate it staying original.

May I use your images?
You are free to use any image in the gallery for layouts, etc., as long as you don't just repost them as-is without credit. I compiled those images from Miss Dream in accordance with their fair use policy but edited and retouched them. In the interest of keeping this site original, I'd appreciate a link back if you do use gallery images. You may not use my layouts, intext images, or any other graphic made explicitly for this site.

Will you pretty please link me?
The Sailor Moon shrine community has dwindled so much these past few years, and I am always happy to learn of other well-done tributes out there. If you find something worthwhile, go right ahead and send it to me.

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