Destined Romance

The four guardian senshi see little in the way of romance during the series' run, but a single artbook picture and random instances and memories hint towards relationships with Endymion's guardians during their past lives.

The Setup Takeuchi included a drawing in the first artbook of Princess Serenity, Prince Endymion, and their eight guardians divided into affectionate pairs. Kunzite stands embracing Sailor Venus, Jadeite with Sailor Mars, Nephrite with Sailor Jupiter, and Zoisite with Sailor Mercury. Takeuchi writes in the liner notes that she imagined romances among the four couples during the Silver Millennium and that she'd like to be able to draw that someday, but no further elaboration ever occurred in the manga or original anime. The inclusion of this picture in the first artbook came a little as a surprise, but reviewing the manga reveals multiple hints that Takeuchi had these pairings in mind even if she failed to execute them explicitly.

Evidence Other than a showdown in the manga and the one aforementioned artbook picture, there is no evidence to support the idea that Nephrite and Makoto ever shared a relationship. There are, however, clues of romance between the other senshi and shitennou.

Rei's awakening as Sailor Mars in Act 3: "Rei – Sailor Mars" involves an instance that point to possible former senshi/shitennou romances. In order to gather energy for the Dark Kingdom, Jadeite manipulates a bus that passes the Hikawa temple every afternoon. Rei is knocked unconscious when the bus enters an alternate dimension. Jadeite leans down and strokes her long, black hair, musing to himself: "I've wanted her since the moment I saw her, this girl." While this could be simple lust, it is notable that Jadeite does not display interest or affection towards any other person during his missions.

The incident with the devil's bus really only serves to set up a later memory, this time from Rei's perspective. In the side story "Casablanca Memory" Rei parses through memories of her father's aide, Kaidou, trying to make sense of her feelings for him. For a moment, Kaidou's face merges with an image of Jadeite, causing Rei to turn away, saying she does not want to dwell on the past. It is implied that Rei's feelings for Kaidou are really new manifestations of her lingering love for Jadeite in another life, and this new rejection dredges up old heartache. If so, it's likely that the other guardian senshi have lingering memories of their past romances with the shitennou and are attracted to men who resemble them.

This, in fact, also happens to Minako in the Codename wa Sailor V manga. Minako develops a crush on Saitou, a fellow student and leader of a gang. His resemblance to Kunzite is obvious, and Minako admits that he looks very familiar, though she is never able to recall who he reminds her of.

In Volume 15 Sailor V faces Kaitou Ace in a final showdown that includes one other hint towards her past romance. Ace reveals himself as not only her sworn enemy Danburite but also as Adonis, Minako's "mystical lover." Ace explains that during the Silver Millennium soldiers like himself were borrowed to fight on behalf of the moon for what would be the Moon Kingdom's final battle. This allowed him to work alongside both the senshi and the shitennou, and he recalls feeling hopeless after seeing Sailor Venus and Kunzite gazing passionately at each other.

Another snippet of Sailor Venus's crush on Kunzite is shown in BSSM Act 13: "Reincarnation" during the senshi's battle with Metallia. In a flashback to the Silver Millennium, Venus catches Princess Serenity sneaking off to visit Prince Endymion and repremands her. As Venus is dragging a lovestruck Serenity back home, Kunzite approaches and remarks that it must be difficult to handle such a curious princess. Venus blushes and starts sweating so much that Sailor Mercury wonders what happened.

Speculation Unfortunately, except for the artbook picture, there are no additional clues about Sailor Jupiter's relationship with Nephrite. (Some fans point out that Jupiter killing Nephrite in manga Act 5 demonstrates their connection, but this is weak considering that not all the shitennou were killed by their supposed love interests.) This leaves this pairing largely open to fan speculation.

While some pairings are obvious (Sailor Venus and Kunzite are leaders, Sailor Mars and Jadeite are quick-witted), the attraction between Sailor Jupiter and Nephrite is a little more vague. Aesthetically, the two complement one another—they have athletic builds, wavy brown hair, and strong features. They just look good next to each other. But this is only skin-deep and does not address the kind of relationship they might have had.

Makoto demonstrates throughout the manga that she doesn't need a man (or anyone, really) to take care of her. She is self-sufficient to the core and wants a partner she could take care of as much as he takes care of her. Having grown up without parents to adore and encourage her, she wants to be with someone who delights in her capacity for love and is proud to be with her.

As a guardian to the prince, Nephrite would possess the loyalty and commitment Makoto craves. He is a bit of a loner himself and would share Makoto's patience for solitude. He is creative and would challenge Makoto to be the best she could be. Nephrite's arrogance while in service to the Dark Kingdom might instead manifest as pride under Endymion's rule. He would be proud of her, and it would make her thrive.

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