Princess of Io

Usagi is not the only one with multiple roles and identities. Each of the sailor warriors had specific duties during the Silver Millennium, including being princesses and heiresses to their respective planets.

Each senshi is also princess of her respective planet, and all planets sit under the moon. During the blissful period known as the Silver Millennium, the girls served as body guards to Princess Serenity. They stayed in the royal palace on the Moon Kingdom, governing their own planets from afar.

In Minako's flashbacks in Codename wa Sailor V and in Usagi's flashbacks in Sailormoon, the senshi are shown in their sailor suits, demonstrating that they were always on duty to protect the moon princess. Very little is shown of the Silver Millennium, and except for Usagi, no one's flashbacks indicated that anyone else was royalty.

The girls' roles as princesses were not immediately apparent to them, even after Sailor Moon had been revealed as the moon princess. In fact, not until the end of the manga's Dream arc is it revealed that all ten planetary senshi are princesses.

This information is revealed to them through their Sailor Power Guardians. These small miniatures of the ten senshi appear mysteriously throughout the Dream arc, protecting the pretty soldiers and revealing more of their pasts.

Sailor Jupiter's Power Guardian first appears in Act 42: Jupiter Dream, awakening her from Hawk Eye's curse and enabling her to power up to Super Sailor Jupiter. In Act 48: Princess Dream, the Power Guardians transform the senshi into princesses, telling them about their destinies to rule the solar system. The Sailor Power Guardians allow the senshi to call upon the powers of their castles, and it is implied that these guardians reside there so the senshi can travel freely.

Princess Jupiter's castle, like all planetary castles except for the moon, is not located on the planet itself. It is a floating castle that orbits its planet in order to keep close watch. Princess Jupiter's castle is called Io Castle, named after one of the four Gallilean moons of Jupiter.

Royal Form

Though Makoto was most likely outfitted as Sailor Jupiter during her past life at the Moon Kingdom, she is shown to have a princess form and the attire that goes with it in the manga. In Act 48: Princess Dream, the Sailor Power Guardians transform the senshi into princesses wearing long gowns.

Makoto's princess gown is shown in detail in the Sailormoon Materials Collection, along with the other princesses' gowns. It is a long, layered wrap dress in her signature color, emerald green. The bodice has a sweetheart neckline with two straps. The skirt is gathered at her waist with a green rose on each hip, flaring out in an A-line made of alternating layers of rich green and sheer tulle material. A long slit forms where the wrapped layers meet at her right hip, exposing her leg to the thigh (and making Jupiter's gown slightly more risque than the other princesses').

She wears a green choker that ties in a bow behind her neck and trails almost to her ankles and a green teardrop pendant from a thin chain. Her hair is tied back into a ponytail with a green ribbon and a pink rose, which matches her pink rose earrings. She also wears strapped green high heels with roses attached to the ankle straps.

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