Makoto is a girl of many talents. Her trademark skills are cooking and gardening, but the brunette's hobbies include many more—and often unexpected—activities. Check out a few of her favorite pastimes!

"I'd be happy if I could just have a life loving tea, cooking, flowers, and pretty things!" —Makoto; Short Story: "The Melancholy of Makoto"

Chef Extraordinaire

Of the many talents Makoto possesses, her love for cooking is probably the most well known. Her skill for making tasty and pretty-looking lunches is what first draws Usagi to Makoto. In "The Melancholy of Makoto" she mentions that cooking for her friends makes her truly happy, and that she would rather be home cooking and cleaning than studying for entrance exams.

Makoto is adept at several different cuisines in addition to her native Japanese. We have seen her make curry and bento in the anime and manga, and she confesses a liking for American-style meatloaf. She also has a skill for baking, saying that cherry pie is her favorite dessert.

Cooking for Makoto is a social event as much as it is a personal ritual. Asking a friend to dinner always means inviting them into her kitchen, involving friends in the cooking process and teaching them how to make dishes. Makoto uses dinner prep as a time to bond, enjoy others' company, or help friends work through their problems. Most of the girls' study sessions take place at Makoto's house, and she is always proud to have a beautiful dish of snacks and tea prepared to share.

After entering high school, Makoto says she is most excited about joining the cooking club, and she is excited to learn new techniques and try out new ingredients. In the anime, she even follows famous chefs the way some of her friends follow idols. In episode 142, "Himitsu no Yakata! Ai no Menu wo Anata ni," she recognizes Monsieur Ichino Ohno, a master of French cuisine, at the Crown Fruit Center and is thrilled to tell her friends about him.

The Gardener

Makoto has a deep love for all kinds of plants but especially flowers. Her apartment is filled with them, as first seen in Act 17: "Secrecy – Sailor Jupiter." She is an active member of the gardening club at school.

Her favorite flower differs in each version of the series. In the manga she tells a classmate that she likes Camellia sasanquas the best because they remind her of her senpai. In the anime it is Lilies-of-the-Valley. She also gets excited about adding new varieties to her indoor garden, rushing out to buy a Tellurian and a Rain Tree when she hears they are popular.1

Plants are arguably her biggest weakness in the manga. She tends to them as a form of self-comfort when she is depressed. Plant-centered plots are utilized by both Tellu and Hawk Eye to steal her soul and lure her away from her duties as a senshi, respectively. While still unaware of Hawk Eye's scheme, she admits that one of her dreams is to one day work in a flower shop.

Anime-only Hobbies

The following pastimes are mentioned in the anime only, often within episode-specific stories.

The Karate Kid Makoto mentions that she studies martial arts in episode 30, but we do not really see this in action until episode 105, "Power ga hoshii! Mako-chan no mayoi michi." Makoto spends a few days at a mountain retreat to train after she is unable to defeat a monster on her own. She also engages in hand-to-hand combat with Endymion in episode 41, "Mou koikara nigenai! Ami to Mamoru taiketsu," when he challenges her to a face-off. She demonstrates that she has quick reflexes and a strong will.

The Belle of the Ball Makoto demonstrates her feminine grace in episode 37, "Mezase princess? Usagi no chintokkun." She and Ami are the only two who are able to easily pick up the steps and dance with grace—Usagi, Rei, and Minako trample their poor dates' feet! Luna notes that this gracefulness is likely related to their skills as dancers during the Silver Millennium, when balls held at the Moon Kingdom were frequent. It is also possibly related to her skill for figure skating.

The Ice Princess Makoto displays a high level of skill for ice skating in anime episode 39, "Youma to pair? Hyoujou no jouou Mako-chan." Luna watches the five girls skate and remembers how ice skating on the Sea of Serenity during the Silver Millennium was one of the girls' favorite pastimes. While the four other girls struggle as beginners on the ice, Makoto takes to it naturally. Though she has never skated before, she glides gracefully around the rink, performing jumps and spins with ease. She even displays her balance and strength by lifting Misha over her head!

Makoto is often portrayed as a tough girl, and she doubts her own femininity. Watching her ice skate shows us the female grace she thinks she lacks. It is part of what gives her more depth than just the lovestruck fangirl in the anime. Sadly, this natural ability to ice skate is only seen this once.

1 These two, however, turn out to be enemy tricks: Tellurians are Tellu's ploy in Act 31: "Infinity 5 – Sailor Pluto Meiou Setsuna," and Rain Trees are the enemy's trick in "Casablanca Memory."

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