Wayward Romeos

In the anime Makoto is notorious for crushing on cute strangers. Meet her most notable love interests, and find out why these loves just didn't work out.

"No matter how many times I fall in love I can never do it successfully." —In Another Dream CD, "Anata no Sei Janai"

Crane Game Joe

It's her first day as a senshi and already she has fallen for a guy. He goes by Crane Game Joe, a nickname he earned because of his skill with crane games. He debuts in episode 25 where we find him at the arcade playing a crane game and drawing a crowd of onlookers. Curious about him and dazed by the fact that he looks like her senpai, Makoto follows him around town. When Joe is attacked by an angry Zoisite looking for nijizuishou crystals, Makoto intervenes and subsequently discovers that she is Sailor Jupiter. Using her new powers, she fights off Zoisite and helps Sailor Moon return Joe to human form. He ungratefully runs off, shouting that that "big girl" isn't his type. He is never heard from again.

Furuhata Motoki

Motoki is the cute blonde college student who works at the arcade, and he is the only cute boy on whom Makoto crushes in both the anime and manga. Usagi introduces Makoto to Motoki in episode 25 at the Crown Game Center. She is instantly smitten, daydreaming about how he looks like her senpai, much to Usagi's irritation. In episode 29, "Daikonsen! Gucha gucha koi no shikaku kankei," Makoto tries fiercely to attract Motoki's affections. She arrives at his apartment with little warning, misinterpreting his politeness for interest. Thinking she can impress him with her domestic skills, she cleans his apartment and cooks dinner. In her mania, she comes across a picture of Reika, who Motoki reveals as his girlfriend, leaving poor Makoto back at square one.


Misha is a champion figure skater who is manipulated by the Dark Kingdom in episode 39, "Youma to pair? Hyoujou no jouou Mako-chan." Makoto, Usagi, Rei, Minako, and Ami head off to the ice skating rink where Misha and his partner Janelin are giving free lessons. Entranced by her grace and skill as a figure skater, Misha asks Makoto to skate with him. The two have an obvious chemistry, and Makoto becomes quickly infatuated. It is later revealed that Misha has been working for the Dark Kingdom, and only found interest in Makoto because he thought that she could be Sailor Moon. After the real Sailor Moon exorcises the youma inhabiting his body, Misha returns to his original skating partner, leaving Makoto alone again.

Tsukikagi no Knight

Tsukikagi no Knight is a mysterious, masked rescuer who guards the senshi during the Makaiju arc of the R season of the anime. His run-in with Sailor Jupiter occurs in episode 49, "Shiroi baraha dareni? Tsukikage no knight toujou." Sailor Jupiter is left alone battling a daemon when the other senshi are struck down. When it seems like she can't fight anymore a snow white rose pierces the enemy, giving Sailor Jupiter a chance to recover. The Knight offers a few words of encouragement before mysteriously disappearing. Makoto swoons over her mysterious savior, but it is soon after discovered that Tsukikagi no Knight is a projection of Tuxedo Kamen since Mamoru has not yet recovered his memories.

Ginga Seijuro

Ginga Seijuro is the human alias of Ail, the male antagonist of the first half of the R season. Makoto is first attracted to his cool countenance and musical talent, which, of course, reminds her of her senpai. When Ami suggests that Seijuro might be Tsukikagi no Knight, Makoto becomes determined to get closer to Seijuro to discover the truth. In episode 55, "Tsukikage ha Seijuurou? Moeru Mako-chan," she prepares a special lunch and gives it to him as a sign of her affection. The two talk of love and the ways in which people express their feelings. An angry An, however, attacks Makoto and reminds Ail that she is the real true love of his heart.

Tenoh Haruka

In episode 96, "Reikoku na Uranusu? Makoto no pinch," as Usagi and Makoto are crossing the street, Haruka speeds by on a motorcycle. Makoto pushes Usagi out of the way, barely missing the motorcycle's tires. Haruka stops, annoyed, but softens upon seeing Makoto's scraped hand. Haruka ties her scarf around Makoto's wound in a makeshift bandage, and Makoto is instantly smitten. Haruka plays along with Makoto's obvious crush in order to inspect her heart crystal. Upon learning that Haruka is not only a senshi but is also partnered with Michiru, Makoto's affections cool, turning from infatuation to admiration. In the end, Makoto admires Haruka as strong woman, one she hopes to be like someday.

Tiger Eye

The handsome feline of the Amazon Trio is next at catching Makoto's eye. At a dance in SuperS episode 147, "Unmei no Partner? Makoto no Junjou," when Makoto shies away, Ami becomes determined to show her a good time. The two take to the dance floor and amaze the crowd with their moves. Impressed by her fun-loving escapade, Tiger Eye approaches Makoto expressing false feelings of affection. Being the innocent girl that she is, Makoto falls under his spell. He promises her a dance but becomes involved with other girls and leaves Makoto alone. She decides to wait for him to return and sits in the empty hall all night. When he finally returns the next day, it is only to steal her dream mirror.

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