Soldier of Thunder

Sailor Jupiter is the Soldier of Protection, carrying the power of her guardian planet Jupiter. Possessing Herculean strength, she can control forces of nature, wielding thunder, lightning, and the spirit of forests. Sailor Jupiter is one of the four guardian senshi tasked with protecting the princess, and her awakening in Dark Kingdom arc is necessary to the process of locating Princess Serenity. She joins the sailor team after Mars and before Venus, bringing muscle to a group operating previously on intellect and spiritual foresight.

Fighting Style Sailor Jupiter's fighting style is aggressive and offensive. She is arguably the most powerful of Serenity's guardians and undeniably the most physically strong. While Makoto tends to use her strength defensively and only when provoked, as a sailor soldier she attacks quickly and forcefully. When her sailor attacks fail, Sailor Jupiter is not afraid to use her hands and fight without her powers.1

Because she prefers to attack preemptively, Sailor Jupiter often has a tendency to jump into action without weighing the possible outcomes first. This is sometimes beneficial, but it often leaves her vulnerable to enemy traps. For this reason, she fights best within a team or paired with one other senshi and not solo.

Her attacks are all nature-based, drawing power from trees, wind, thunder, and electricity. This connection to atmospheric conditions gives her a heightened sensitivity to electrical currents. When Kunzite cuts the city's main power line in Act 8: "Minako – Sailor V," Makoto feels the killed charge before anyone realizes the power has gone out. Later, in Act 17: "Secrecy – Sailor Jupiter," Asanuma is shocked with static when he touches her, and she claims that because she controls the lightning she carries a greater electrical charge than most people.

Role of Jupiter Most fans would point to Sailor Jupiter's power and physical strength when determining her worth to the team. And they would, for the most part, be correct. Even without her sailor fuku, Makoto has unnatural strength. Her hits are direct, and her electricity-based attacks pair well with those of most other soldiers.2

But though Sailor Jupiter is often given credit as the brawn of Serenity's guard, her role is more dynamic than just a source of muscle. Sailor Jupiter is always very attuned to her surroundings and adept at determining real threats. Though her quickness to fight is sometimes her own downfall, it is of great use to senshi fighting alongside her. It buys extra time to analyze situations, allows others to see how an enemy responds to sailor attacks, and sets the scene for follow-up attacks. Her keen sense of perception also allows her to communicate where danger is located more effectively.

Neo-Queen Serenity calls her the Soldier of Protection,3 and this manifests in Sailor Jupiter's ability to encourage just as much as her strength. Her loyalty to her friends and fellow soldiers is fierce, and her dedication often prompts others into action.

1 She even choses to fight without powers while still having power at her disposal. In Act 47: "Dream 9 – Dead Moon Dream" she attacks Nehellenia's mirror with her fists, even though other senshi use attacks.
2 Her lightning-based attacks, for example, complement Sailor Mercury's water attacks and Sailor Mars's fire attacks.
3 Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon. Act 26: "Regeneration – Never Ending."

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