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Sailor Jupiter's fuku undergoes more changes in the manga than in any other telling of the series. Uniform changes are often gradual and happen in stages, sometimes corresponding with new henshin phrases. Her anime fuku changes less frequently, but mirrors most of the major changes of the manga.

Sailor Jupiter: "Jupiter Power, Make Up!" This fuku is the simplest and matches the other soldiers' uniforms in basic design. It consists of a white leotard with cap sleeves and a white protective breast plate. Her skirt, sailor collar, and choker are the same shade of deep green. Her sailor collar is lined with three white stripes, mimicking her school uniform. The bows on her breast plate and lower back are a light rose pink. The brooch on her chest bow is a bright green that is slightly lighter than the green of her collar. Her white gloves are elbow-length and trimmed in the same green as her skirt. She wears a loose chain around her waist fitted with a translucent ball full of potpourri. Her tiara is set with a green stone, and her antenna is permanently extended. Her shoes are green lace-up ankle boots with a mid heel. Even as a soldier, she wears her signature hair tie and rose earrings.

Sailor Jupiter's fuku in the anime very closely resembles her fuku in the manga with a few key differences. The pleating of her skirt is more defined, her chain belt and potpourri holder are absent, and her antenna appears only when summoning her lightning- and thunder-based attacks.

Power Up: "Jupiter Star Power, Make Up!" This fuku corresponds with Sailor Jupiter's new "Star Power" henshin given to her in the manga by Luna after the soldiers' old transformation pens were destroyed in the battle with Metallia.1 In the anime, Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus receive their power ups together2. There are no noticeable differences between this fuku and her previous one, though in the manga version, her antenna starts to appear less consistently.

Power Up (Manga Only): "Jupiter Planet Power, Make Up!" Sailor Jupiter's "Planet Power" henshin does not occur in the anime at all. It is received in two phases in the manga, and her uniform only changes after the second power-up takes place. She receives her initial Planet power up from Queen Serenity as thanks for saving Crystal Tokyo, and her uniform remains the same.3 The second phase occurs when the senshi pool their powers to transform Super Sailor Moon. The energy from the Holy Grail powers up the rest of the senshi as well.4 Sailor Jupiter's brooch changes into a heart shape, and her antenna disappears, returning only when summoning lightning-based attacks.

Super Sailor Jupiter: "Jupiter Crystal Power, Make Up!" The Crystal transformation is Sailor Jupiter's second-to-last fuku change in the manga and her final in the anime. In the manga, she powers up after receiving the Jupiter Crystal from her Sailor Power Guardian.5 In the anime, Pegasus gives the senshi new transformation wands and transforms them into Super soldiers.6

Super Sailor Jupiter's fuku is more embellished than its immediate predecessor. Her brooch is now heart-shaped, mirroring Super Sailor Moon's transformation brooch, and a star-shaped charm with a green jewel is attached to her choker. Her collar is now lined with one white stripe instead of three. Her breast bow is creased more sharply, and her back bow is larger and has tails that fall to her knees. The pleating of her skirt is much more relaxed and flowing. Her capped sleeves include sheer extensions underneath, and her antenna, rose chain belt, and potpourri holder are consistently absent.

Super Sailor Jupiter's anime fuku is similar but lacks the green jewel on her choker. Her skirt is also tightly pleated and her pink bows made of heavier material. In both the anime and manga she wears her green hair tie, rose earrings, and green lace-up boots.

Power Up (Manga Only): "Jupiter Crystal Power, Make Up!" This final powered-up version of her Crystal Power fuku is never named, and it looks strikingly similar to Eternal Sailor Moon's uniform.7 Her white breast plate is gone, and her sleeves are puffed and green. Her collar now only has one stripe, and her brooch is star-shaped. Her skirt is double-layered with a darker green that matches her collar on top and a lighter layer underneath. Her rose belt is replaced with two thin green ribbons that affix a star charm at her navel and tie with a green bow in back. Her gloves now come up past her elbows to her mid bicep. Her choker is V-shaped, and her choker, earrings, and tiara are set with star charms. Her green ankle boots are gone, and instead she wears white knee-high boots trimmed with green.

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7 You might see this version called "Eternal Sailor Jupiter" or "Sailor Star Jupiter," but these are both fan-created phrases and not supported by the manga canon. If sailor titles are meant to correspond with Sailor Moon, then "Eternal Sailor Jupiter" seems likeliest.

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