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Makoto's awakening as the sailor soldier for Jupiter happens several different ways, but no matter what incarnation you're watching, she definitely explodes onto the scene! Below, I recount her introductions in each major retelling of the series.


First Glimpses Though Makoto/Sailor Jupiter doesn't fully appear until Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon Act 5 proper, she makes a handful of cameo appearances in the preceding act and the Codename wa Sailor V manga. She appears in character illustrations for CNSV Volume 2 along with Usagi and the other still-unawakened guardian senshi. In the last few pages of Chapter 16: "A New Journey Begins!! Conclusion," Makoto is shown riding next to Minako on a train. She thinks it strange that someone brought a cat on the train, then gets off at the Tokyo station, whistling on her way. As she leaves, Artemis refers to Makoto as a "mean looking girl" then cautions her to be more perceptive. The scene is humorous because Minako claims she'll be able to sense her allies, not realizing she's standing right next to one!

Makoto does not appear again until the last page of BSSM Act 4: "Masquerade – Masquerade." She runs through the twilit Tokyo streets under pouring rain, stopping to comment about an approaching storm. This brief image segues immediately into...

Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon Act 5: "Makoto – Sailor Jupiter" Act 5 introduces us to Kino Makoto, shows her meet and interact with the senshi team, and shows her awakening as the next sailor-suited soldier.

Usagi wakes up late from a hazy dream where a mystery voice calls out to her. She walks begrudgingly to school with Luna, talking about her strange dreams and duties as a soldier. She isn't paying attention because of her poor night's sleep, and walks into the street without checking for traffic. Suddenly, a car horn screeches, Luna yells, and a tall, wavy-haired girl pushes Usagi out of the way of a speeding car. The stranger puts Usagi down, warns her to be more careful, and heads on her way. Usagi notes the stranger's rose earrings and their lovely floral scent.

Later at school, Usagi and a crowd of dreamy-eyed girls are listening to Naru talk about her cousin's wedding when they see the stranger from earlier being harassed by a teacher. She explains to him that her hair is naturally brown and wavy and that she must wear her old uniform because there were no uniforms available in her size. Umino informs the others that this new girl just transferred from another school and is very violent. She is said to have superhuman strength and was kicked out of her old school for fighting.

At lunch, Usagi spots the transfer student eating alone and eyes her delicious-looking lunch. Enticed by the food, she does not notice a baseball zipping towards her head. But right on the brink of disaster, the transfer student catches the foul ball and throws it back to the baseball players. She offers to share her lunch and introduces herself as Kino Makoto.

Eager to spend time with her new friend, Usagi invites Makoto to the arcade after school. The two play the Sailor V game, then Usagi introduces Makoto to Ami and Motoki. Ami mentions that strange things have been happening at a nearby bridal shop, so the three girls go to check it out. They overhear some women talking about a mysterious ghost bride who seduces men.

The girls leave and head to the Hikawa Shrine, where Makoto briefly meets Rei and then heads home alone. When she stops at a vending machine, she is approached by Motoki, unaware that he has been possessed by the ghost bride. Motoki professes false feelings of love and tries to seduce her. Tuxedo Kamen shows up at Usagi's window to warn her of the attack, and Luna rallies the two other sailor soldiers. Usagi disguises herself as a groom and vows vengeance on the demon bride then transforms in to Sailor Moon.

Makoto, realizing that she has been tricked, grabs the ghost bride. A glowing planetary symbol appears on her forehead, and Luna throws her a transformation pen. Makoto transforms into Sailor Jupiter just as Nephrite shows up to taunt her. She strikes with her Flower Hurricane and thunder attacks, destroying him and his shadow.

For a moment she looks off, alluding to heartbreak and the real reasons she left her old school, then joins the other soldiers, accepting her duty to fight as a pretty soldier for love and justice.

Anime (1992)

Sailor Moon Episode 25: "Koisuru kairiki shoujo, Jupiter-chan" Usagi, as usual, wakes up late for school. She tears down the street, racing to beat the clock, when she runs into a group of less-than-friendly guys looking for a fight. She cowers, fearing the worst, when suddenly a tall brunette appears. Usagi watches in awe as this beautiful girl takes on the guys one-by-one, leaving them in a defeated pile. She tells Usagi to be more careful, then walks off like it was nothing.

Later at school, Usagi sees the mysterious stranger again eating lunch all by herself. After a brief chat with Umino, she learns that the new girl's name is Makoto, and that rumor is she was expelled from her old school for fighting. Although advised by Umino to stay away, Usagi's curiosity gets the better of her. Drawn by her stomach, Usagi decides to spy on the new girl. Makoto notices Usagi peering at her from behind a row of bushes and invites her over. Usagi, trying her hardest to be polite, asks the girl about herself. The two click instantly and become friends.

After school, Usagi invites Makoto to come with her to the Crown Game Center. She teaches Makoto how to play the Sailor V game and introduces her to Rei, Ami, and Luna (Usagi had hoped to introduce Makoto to Motoki, but he wasn't working that afternoon). In a corner of the arcade, Makoto spots a cute boy who everyone calls Crane Game Joe. He is winning stuffed animals from the crane game one after another and drawing a crowd of onlookers. Makoto mentions to Usagi that he reminds her of someone she used to know.

After a few moments lost in day dreaming, Makoto follows the boy outside. She is puzzled to see Zoisite standing there making threats. The shitennou throws a black stone and shouts "Zoi!" which causes a powerful force field to surround Joe. Makoto tells Zoisite to back off and poises, ready to fight. She strikes at Zoisite, missing him the first time, but hitting his cheek the second time when she throws her rose earring. He is furious at her for scarring his face and disappears, leaving Joe stooped over clutching his chest.

Although he tells her that everything is fine, Makoto still follows Joe around town, continuously asking if he is all right. He finally agrees to talk with her at a coffee shop. Things begin to look up for Makoto: Joe begins to act much nicer, thanks her for warding off Zoisite, and reveals to her his secret of retrieving toys from the machine: with a special force that enables him to make objects levitate. He demonstrates by lifting an ash tray. Makoto mentions to him that it is cheating, but he doesn't seem to care.

Suddenly, Zoisite comes up again, this time determined to retrieve Joe's crystal. Still angry that Makoto struck him, Zoisite blasts her with energy, allowing Joe to run away. Mad that he could just leave her in a fatal situation, Usagi confronts Joe. Continuing to run he yells over his shoulder, "That big girl isn't my type!" With a melancholy look on her face, Makoto says, "He said the same thing to me..."

Zoisite catches up with Joe and starts to extract his nijizuishou. Releasing the crystal transforms Joe into a powerful youma. Usagi transforms into Sailor Moon but is frightened by the youma and tries to hide. Desperate to protect Usagi, Makoto grabs the monster and heaves him above her head. A glowing symbol flashes across her forehead. Luna throws Makoto a transformation pen and tells her to use it. Makoto, a little puzzled at the sight of a talking cat, grabs the pen, yells "Jupiter Power, Make Up!," and is transformed into Sailor Jupiter. Wasting no time, she performs her Supreme Thunder attack, allowing Sailor Moon time to return him to normal with her Moon Healing Escalation.

The next day, Makoto takes out her frustrations on the Sailor V game, at least until Motoki shows up, causing Makoto to swoon anew.

Live Action

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Act 6: "Tenkosei wa Sailor Jupiter"

Anime (2014)

Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon Crystal

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