Dark Equations

While Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon operates mostly on a team dynamic, individual characters are occasionally given the chance to shine. Sailor Jupiter has showdowns with specific villains in almost every season, and they often reflect her own characteristics.

Nephrite, The Second King

Nephrite is a shitennou of the Dark Kingdom and the second king working for Queen Beryl. He is the second highest in command after Kunzite and oversees Earth's North American division. Takeuchi describes him as "emotional and intense," and according to the Materials Collection he is somewhere around nineteen years old. Nephrite possesses an arrogance and exaggerated masculinity that is unique among the shitennou. Takeuchi also describes him as an oldest-son type, and notes that his pride will likely get him killed quickly. His appearance in the manga is short-lived, but what we do see is immense pride and a preference to work alone. His loyalty to Queen Beryl is only surpassed by his loyalty to his fellow shitennou. The four form a close brotherhood that drives most of their motivation to obtain the ginzuishou.

Nephrite's connection to Sailor Jupiter exists only in the manga. In Act 5: "Makoto – Sailor Jupiter" during her first day as a sailor senshi, Nephrite possesses the body of Motoki and expresses false love for Makoto. When his plot is discovered, Sailor Jupiter destroys him using her Flower Hurricane and an unnamed thunder attack. There is no obvious connection between Nephrite and Sailor Jupiter in the anime: Nephrite is involved with Naru and dies in episode 24, "Naru-chan goukyuu! Nephrite Ai no Shi," the episode right before Makoto enters the scene.

Though not expressly canon, Takeuchi had the idea of a marriage between the four shitennou and the four guardian senshi. It is important to note that these pairings are completely conceptual and in no way supported by the anime (though hints can be argued for the manga). You can learn more about it at Destined Romance and Fight Back the Dawn.

Petz, The Final Ayakashi Sister

Tall, strong and clad in green, Petz is the oldest and most powerful of the Ayakashi Sisters. She gives the exudes an aura of maturity among her sisters and is very devoted to her mission. Her personality varies quite markedly between the anime and manga. In the manga she is ruthless and completely overcome by darkness, dedicated only to her sisters and Rubeus. In the anime, in addition to her mission, she is concerned with cosmetics and girly-things, which leads to a more believable conversion at the conclusion of the season.

Unlike Nephrite it is pretty obvious that she and Sailor Jupiter are paired up. They are both the most powerful of their respective groups and their coloring is green. Even Petz's anime attack, Dark Thunder, is very similar to Sailor Jupiter's Sparkling Wide Pressure. They have a face-off in both the manga and anime; however, each leads to a different ending. In Act 17: "Secrecy – Sailor Jupiter" of the manga, Petz manages to seal Sailor Jupiter inside a ball of lightning just before she gets blasted by Sailor Moon. In anime episode 72, "Hijou no Rubeus! Kanashimi no yonshimai," however, after fighting Sailor Jupiter, Petz leaves her life of evil and joins her sisters in a new life on Earth.

Tellu, The Third Witch

Tellu is the fourth of the five witches to appear in the manga and the third in the anime. At Level 404 she is the second most powerful witch, aside from Cyprine and Ptitol. Under the pseudonym Teluno Lulu, she teaches physical education and runs the botanical gardens at Mugen academy. She genetically engineered special flowers called Tellurians, desirable for their ability to blossom without watering, to gather energy and transform humans into hosts. Her attack is Mandragora Buster.

In the manga, Makoto purchases a Tellurian plant and nearly falls under its spell. She confronts Tellu at the Infinity Botanical Gardens, who reveals that the Tellurians are genetically altered versions of herself. Sailor Jupiter attacks with Coconut Cyclone, but Tellu is killed by the newly-awakened Sailor Pluto's Dead Scream. She is revived by Kaolinite in Act 34: "Infinity 8 – Labyrinth 1" and tempts Sailor Jupiter to give up fighting and live in a beautiful garden. She and the four other witches are ultimately destroyed by Sailor Neptune's Submarine Reflection.

No connection exists between Tellu and Sailor Jupiter in the anime. Tellu makes a cameo in episode 120 but does not fully appear until episode 121, "Temptress! The Third Undesirable Woman, Tellu," and is killed by her own lemure within the same episode. Sailor Jupiter is not featured at all during her anime plot arc.

Hawk Eye, The Feathered Amazon

Hawk Eye is the effeminate fire-breather of the Amazon Trio. In the anime he prefers to target older women, and he treats each attempt with patience and attention. In the manga Hawk Eye cross-dresses, and he has a love of pretty things. Takeuchi describes him as having "the feeling of Zoisite-sama having gained ten years of experience and become independent."

Sailor Jupiter has little in common with Hawk Eye in the anime, but she bears a strong connection to him in the manga. The story is told in Act 37, "Jupiter Dream." Makoto and Chibi Usa encounter Hawk Eye at a supermarket. He takes them to his herb shop where he encourages Makoto to pursue her dreams and gives her an Amazon charm ring. Makoto returns to the store later and admits that she is torn between her dreams of living a normal life and her destiny to fight as a sailor soldier. Hawk Eye attacks in her moment of weakness and succeeds in binding her with energy from the ring he gave her. The Jupiter Guardian appears and reminds Makoto that she must overcome her weakness to defeat the enemy. Makoto uses the Jupiter Crystal to transform into Super Sailor Jupiter and kills Hawk Eye with her Oak Evolution.

Jun Jun, The First Amazonness

Jun Jun is, in many ways, a mirror of Sailor Jupiter. Both are athletic, cunning, and covered from head to foot in green. The Amazonness is an acrobat, and she skilled in tight-rope walking and trouble-making. She is the third sister, and she tends to showcase more maturity than the others. Her mission, like that of the other Amazonnesses, is to steal dream mirrors. Rather than using brute force, Jun Jun aids her victims dreams into coming true. Therefore, she figures, the victim's dream mirror will no longer be needed, and she can take them easily.

Jun Jun plays on Makoto's love of beautiful plants to attempt to lure her away from fighting. As always, her plans are foiled by the Goddess of Thunder.

A Note About Sailor Stars

Sailor Jupiter has no direct counterpart in the Stars season because of the structure of the story arc. While the previous four seasons deal with singular groups of villains, the Stars arc focuses on the general battle of good versus evil. The introduction of numerous new characters also does not facilitate the typical pairing up inherent in the other arcs. Fans have sought to draw connections between Sailor Mars and Sailor Lead Crow and Sailor Mercury and Sailor Aluminum Siren, but these are mostly questions of aesthetics and not of plot or character.

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