Jupiter Power

"My Guardian, Jupiter! Cause a storm! Rain down lightning!" —Sailor Jupiter; Volume 1, Act 5

Manga Signature Attacks

Flower Hurricane This attack is exclusive to the manga and is sometimes used in conjunction with Supreme Thunder. Unlike the anime, the manga more often utilizes multiple aspects of nature (not just thunder and lightning) in Makoto's powers, and this is a good example. She waves her arms in front of her chest, and a hurricane of flower petals rushes towards a target. The petals are pink like the potpourri carried in her belt, but it's never specified if the two are connected. Flower Hurricane is used in Sailor Jupiter's first appearance, Act 5: "Makoto – Sailor Jupiter," and it is the first attack she ever uses. She uses a combination of this attack and an unnamed thunder attack to kill Nephrite and free Motoki from a Dark Kingdom curse.

Supreme Thunder This is Sailor Jupiter's most frequently used attack. Bolts of electricity collect on her antenna, which she then hurls at an enemy by spreading her arms wide. Supreme Thunder is possibly first used in Sailor Jupiter's debut,1 Act 5: "Makoto – Sailor Jupiter," though it is not named until Act 7: "Chiba Mamoru – Tuxedo Kamen." Sometimes variations of the phrase "My Guardian, Jupiter, call down a storm!" are used before or in place of the actual attack name. She may have used a combination of this attack and Flower Hurricane as early as Act 5 to kill Nephrite and free Motoki from a Dark Kingdom curse. In Act 7, she uses the attack by name to try to free Sailor Moon from Zoisite. It is used 2 times over the course of the series.

Sparkling Wide Pressure This attack is presumed to have a higher power level than her first two attacks, as it is executed after she has powered up with her Star Power henshin. The manga version of Sparkling Wide Pressure is different from the anime version, looking more like a cross between Flower Hurricane and Supreme Thunder.2 When summoning this attack, Sailor Jupiter collects electricity and flowers in her palms, then streams them towards an enemy. It is first used in Act 16: "Abduction – Sailor Mercury" against Berthier and her horde of droids in an attempt to free Sailor Mercury, though it is unsuccessful.

Coconut Cyclone Jupiter Coconut Cyclone is a manga-only attack that Sailor Jupiter is able to use after receiving her Planet Power henshin from Neo-Queen Serenity. It is presumably more powerful and covers a wider range than the three attacks she's used previously. Summoning Coconut Cyclone involves raising her arms above her head and yelling the attack phrase, which sends out shock waves of high-voltage energy in a large blast. It is first used in Act 27: "Infinity 1 – Premonition" to combat a genetically-engineered monster outside Mugen Academy. Used in combination with Sailor Venus's Wink Chain Sword, the monster explodes with a loud boom.

Jupiter Oak Evolution Jupiter Oak Evolution is Sailor Jupiter's final and most powerful attack. Much like Coconut Cyclone, raising her arms above her head and shouting the phrase create powerful waves of electricity that blast outward like an explosion towards an opponent. Sailor Jupiter obtains this attack when she receives the Jupiter Crystal and oak crown from her Sailor Power Guardian in Act 42: "Dream 4 – Jupiter Dream." This enables her to power up with her Crystal Power henshin to Super Sailor Jupiter. It is first used in Act 42 to kill Hawk Eye and fend off the Amazoness Quartet.

Manga Group Attacks & Maneuvers

Teleportation Like in the anime, the sailor soldiers are able to teleport to distant locations like the moon and D Point. This group maneuver is never given a formal name. It starts with Luna, who speaks an incantation that conjures a force field around the senshi. Each soldier shouts her transformation phrase, yelling "Make Up!" as a group, and joins hands to form a circle. The force field shoots up in a column of light that propels the senshi to their chosen destination. Teleportation is first used in Act 10: "Moon – Moon" to travel to the moon to look for clues about the sailor soldiers' past lives and the whereabouts of the kidnapped Tuxedo Kamen.

Sailor Planet Power For this attack, Sailor Jupiter combines with the rest of Serenity's guardians (Mars, Mercury, and Venus) to form multiple powerful shockwaves. The attack phrase is prefaced by each soldier yelling the name of her respective planet and the word "power" (e.g., "Jupiter Power . . . Sailor Planet Power!"). This attack is used first Act 10: "Moon – Moon" against Kunzite in outer space. It is implied that their usual attacks are weakened in space, so combining powers is more effective there. The blast completely disintegrates Kunzite's body into ashes. The stone on his forehead is the only remnant left behind.

Sailor Planet Power Meditation This attack most closely resembles the anime version of Sailor Planet Attack, except the soldiers are kneeling. Sailor Jupiter combines with the rest of the senshi team (except for Sailor Moon, Sailor Chibi Moon, and Sailorsaturn) to create a powerful column of energy that shoots upward. The soldiers hold hands, close their eyes, and focus their concentration, which is probably why this attack is called "meditation." Similar to the manga Sailor Planet Attack, each senshi yells the name of her respective planet in the middle of the phrase (e.g., "Sailor Planet Power . . . Jupiter . . . Meditation!"). This attack is used against Zirconia in Act 47: "Dream 9 – Dead Moon Dream."

Galactica Attacks

The following attacks are all specific to Act 58: "Stars 9." Sailor Galaxia possesses the eight planetary senshi, transforming them into evil versions of themselves with gold bracelets. Every following attack is used against Eternal Sailor Moon, forcing her to consider fighting her friends. (Interestingly, these attacks serve to illustrate just how resilient Eternal Sailor Moon is. The onslaught is brutal and constant, and she manages to withstand the combined powers of eight sailor soldiers.)

Jupiter Oak Evolution (Galactica Version) Though some of the soldiers' attack names are altered to reflect Galaxia's spell (e.g., "Venus Love and Galactica Shock"), Sailor Jupiter's bewitched attack uses the same phrase as the original. It is almost identical to her normal Oak Evolution, but the electricity that surrounds her is full of dark energy.

Galactica Gale This attack is used in conjunction with Sailor Mars, Sailor Venus, and Sailor Mercury. It delivers a single powerful blast of negative energy.

Galactica Planet Attack This is the last attack that Sailor Jupiter wields under Galaxia's control. She combines power with the rest of the evil senshi for this attack. A powerful shockwave of dark energy is produced that destroys Eternal Sailor Moon's wings and significantly weakens her.

Anime Signature Attacks

Supreme Thunder Supreme Thunder is Sailor Jupiter's very first and least powerful attack. Upon yelling these words, a bolt of lightning streaks down and collects on her antennae. She throws her arms out wide to hurl the blast at a target. As in the manga, the attack phrase is sometimes prefaced with a variation of "My Guardian, Jupiter, call down a storm!" It is first used in episode 25, "Koisuru kairiki shoujo, Jupiter-chan," Sailor Jupiter's first appearance. She uses it to injure a youma, giving Sailor Moon a chance to restore it to its human form.

Sparkling Wide Pressure The awakening of this power comes about in Sailor Moon R episode 65, "Koi no Ronsou! Minako to Makoto ga tairitsu," and coincides with the awakening of Sailor Venus's new power. She is able to use this attack after powering up with her new Star Power henshin. Sailor Jupiter takes the lightning that has collected on her antenna, forms it into a ball in her hands, and throws it at her target. It is the antithesis to Petz's attack Dark Thunder. When it is first executed it is attempted to kill Petz, but Petz's Dark Thunder cancels it out.

Jupiter Oak Evolution Episode 154, "Yume Taiketsu! Minako to Makoto Zekkou Sengen," sees the first use of Sailor Jupiter's most powerful attack. She is able to use this attack after powering up with her Crystal Power henshin. Sailor Jupiter's antenna emits rays of green light and bunches of electrically charged leaves swirl around her. She then spins quickly, which causes the leaves to fly outward in a broad range. When the Amazonness Quartet has bound the other senshi (except for Sailor Venus), Sailor Jupiter uses Oak Evolution to free them and in the process injures Jun Jun.

Powered Up Anime Attacks

Supreme Thunder Dragon This attack is used only in episode 55, "Tsukikage ha Seijuurou? Moeru Mako-chan," and is specific to the anime. The first half of the attack is identical to Supreme Thunder, but as the bolts of lightning stream through the air they take the form of a great dragon that devours and electrocutes the enemy. It is successfully performed to eliminate a cardian that has bound Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury. Although powerful, this attack is only used once (which is quite a pity because it is such a cool sequence).

Super Supreme Thunder This attack is a more powerful version of Sailor Jupiter's Supreme Thunder and is used in episode 147, "Unmei no Partner? Makoto no junjou." When a lemure has Super Sailor Moon and Chibimoon pinned against a wall, Super Sailor Jupiter rushes in with this attack to free them and weaken the enemy. She summons this attack off-screen, so we only see lightning bolts rush towards the enemy. It presumably looks the same as its sister attack, but it operates on a higher voltage. It appears only in the anime and is only used once.

Anime Group Attacks & Maneuvers

Sailor Teleport Sailor Teleport is not an attack, but it is a power that is used in battle scenarios. As with many of the combined maneuvers, Sailor Teleport involves standing in a circle and linking hands. Unlike Sailor Teleport in the manga, there is no actual phrase uttered to summon this power in the anime. The senshi stand in full moonlight and concentrate their powers to transport. This power is first used in episode 45, "Sailor Senshi shisu! Hisou naru saishuusen." It allows the senshi to teleport to the North Pole for their final showdown with the Dark Kingdom.

Sailor Planet Attack This attack is used in episode 72, "Hijou no Rubeus! Kanashimi no yonshimai." The senshi have been sucked into an alternate dimension created by the Black Moon wand. They join hands to summon the powers of their respective planets, thich combines to produce a powerful blast of energy that destroys the wand and restores them to earth. It closely resembles the manga's "Sailor Planet Power Meditation," except the soldiers are not on their knees. It is used again without Sailor Moon in episode 73, "UFO shutsugen! Sarawareta Sailor Senshi tachi," though unsuccessfully.

1 The shinsouban reprint names this attack "Jupiter Thunder Bolt." It is unnamed in the original tankoubon.
2 The flower petals were not present in the original Nakayoshi and tankoubon runs of the manga. They were added to the shinsouban reprint and subsequent editions.

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