Mizuno Ami is Serenity's guardian representing Mercury, the "senshi of intelligence." She highly values intellect, study and analysis, and her IQ is rumored to be an impressive 300. As a soldier she controls water, ice, and vapor: she can summon dense fogs, snow storms, and great waves. She is shy and tenderhearted, blushing easily and preferring the solitude of a book to most human relationships.

Zoisite is the youngest of Endymion's (and later Beryl's) shitennou. He is in charge of Earth's European division. He hints at an interest in high culture and fine things. His powers of deception serve him well in battle, and he often works closely with Kunzite. Transparent in his emotions and sometimes naïve, he looks up to the other shitennou like brothers, defending them fiercely and mourning them bitterly.

Takeuchi likely paired Ami with Zoisite because of their cultured airs and their skills for illusion. Zoisite's gentle boyishness would compliment Ami's coy beauty. Fans often interpret their love as a shy infatuation steeped in old books, poetry, and mystery.

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