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Ace of Hearts is the only of its kind and quite possibly the first. When the site opened there was one other Kaitou Ace tribute on the web, but its webmistress and I could not figure out which had come first.

I read the Codename wa Sailor V manga shortly after finishing Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon, and I immediately fell in love with Ace. I was a romance-minded thirteen-year-old at the time, so my fascination with his role in the story—a tragic defender pained by millennia of unrequited love—was natural.

What I liked about Ace so much was the number of facets to his personality. He maintains four different active personae during the series—Saijou, Kaitou, Danburite, Adonis—and each represents a key device to the plot. His position as the doomed anti-hero is tragic as well, and it demonstrates a hard destiny not unlike that of the shitennou (for whom I also have deep affection).

I began creating Ace of Hearts during the summer of 2001. At this time the most complete dedications to his character were subpages to Sailor Venus shrines, or at best mini-shrines. All of these mini-shrines, however, approached his character from a Venus-centric standpoint, and not a lot of attention was given to Ace himself. I wanted to change that.

The site opened on September 18, 2001. It contained four key articles (one for each persona), and I originally included no information about Minako or even a series overview. I wanted to make the point that this shrine was to Ace and Ace only.

As I've learned more about shrine-making, I've been able to flesh this site out without losing its original intentions. I have also shifted from an informative goal to a more speculative one (a trend that is unfurling in each of my shrines).

My hope is that Ace of Hearts will stand as a home base for Ace fans, new and old alike, to discover and evaluate a character they may have once overlooked.


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