The Beloved: Sailor V

The one who captured the heart of an Ace in both times past and present. Meet the one to whom he dedicated his heart.

Sailor V: the very first sailor-suited soldier for love and justice. At age thirteen she begins her life of warding off evil and maintaining peace among the people of Tokyo. One whole year of experience gives her an edge over the other senshi by the time Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon rolls around, but in the Codename wa Sailor V manga she is not a very graceful fighter and certainly not very experienced. This all changes as the series progresses.

Sailor V is under the instruction of a white cat named with a curiously shaped spot on his forehead named Artemis, and a voice she calls "Boss" that comes from her transformation pen. Although the princess and soldier of Venus, Sailor V calls upon the power of the moon in most of her phrases.

Sailor V begins her career by fighting off common crime (i.e., criminals without supernatural abilities). She is hated by the police force, especially by a man named Wakagi, because she busts crimes before the police can.

The Metropolitan Police Super Indendent, Sakurada Natsuna, is a huge fan of Sailor V, though. A large poster of the sailor-suited fighter adorns her office wall. Her dream is to have Sailor V work for the police station. Eventually, she finds out that Minako is Sailor V, and she pesters poor Minako relentlessly about joining the police force. Minako calls this the "biggest blunder" of her life as Sailor V.

Sailor V receives most of her training through a video game modeled after herself (the same game that would become a favorite of the other senshi in BSSM). Nearing the end of the manga, Sailor V learns to rely more on the advice of Artemis.

In the last volume of the CNSV manga, she begins to get flashbacks of her past. She sees a shadowy silhouette calling through a dense mist. At first she thinks that the strange visions are of Kaitou Ace. She comes to find out that it is not Ace that she must protect, but the real princess of the moon. After killing Ace she leaves Sailor V behind and becomes Sailor Venus. Her new mission is to find the other senshi.

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