The Idol: Saijou Ace

The first and most stunning form of Sailor V's leading man is the idol Saijou Ace. He first appears in Sailor V volume 10: "Sailor V in a pinch? Kaitou Ace appears!" We start off with dozens of starstruck teenage girls all wondering who "that man" from the over night is. Everyone is talking about it. Radios and news programs are flashing headlines about that mysterious guy. That evening on a TV show, our hero makes his entrance. From the very moment he is revealed, girls begin to go head-over-heels. Not only is he very handsome, but he is an exceedingly generous and thoughtful man. Right from the start he earns the nickname "the friend of girls."

He's very sweet. He gives stolen jewels to girls; he goes on dates with girls who can't get them; if a girl doesn't have a dress for the date, he gives her one; he looks for lost pets; he does your homework while you sleep. He helps suffering girls. He's a girl's best friend: Kaitou Ace!!

Codename wa Sailor V Volume 10
"Sailor V in a Pinch? Kaitou Ace Appears!"

Saijou Ace works through an agency called Avex Trax as an actor/singer for a local TV station. He stars as his alter ego Kaitou Ace in a series where he portrays a mysterious fighter for justice battling against evil. He becomes a hit almost overnight, arousing Artemis's suspicions that Ace could be an enemy. As his popularity grows people become less and less interested in Sailor V—a definite threat to her mission.

His dream is for all girls to be "pretty and happy," and he acts on this dream numerous times throughout his career. Among other projects to serve young girls, he develops a brand of "rainbow candy" that will help girls lose weight quickly.1 He does these things asking nothing in return: the joy of making girls happy is compensation enough for his efforts. Minako becomes smitten with him, claiming to never miss an article in which he is mentioned.

Every girl can be pretty and if they were pretty and happy I would be happy, too.

—Kaitou Ace
Codename wa Sailor V Volume 10
"Sailor V in a Pinch? Kaitou Ace Appears!"

In the last volume of the Sailor V manga, Artemis points out that Saijou could be linked to the Dark Agency through Avex Trax, the company Ace represents. He is soon to star in a movie featuring Kaitou Ace. Overwhelmed with excitement, Minako rushes down to the television studio to audition for the role of Ace's costar, a Chinese princess. With the help of her transformation pen, she gets the part. Minako and Ace are then shipped off to China to begin taping. After several takes, Minako and Artemis begin to feel very strangely about the man whom everyone adores. At a taping session, his lines hint that he knows more of Sailor V's identity than she herself has yet discovered:

Minako: What? A pearl?
Ace: This is the Venus Droplet. When you were born from the foam of the sea of Venus, a droplet spilled from your body and became a jewel. Don't you remember, Princess Venus?

Codename wa Sailor V Volume 15
"A New Journey Begins"

Still a bit unsure of herself, Minako decides to confront Ace. Before she gets a chance to discuss his knowledge of her identity, Ace slides a beautiful gold ring onto her finger.

Minako: Why are you giving me this?
Ace: Because, Minako...
[He kisses her lips.]
Ace: I love you.

Codename wa Sailor V Volume 15
"A New Journey Begins"

It would seem that Minako has found her true love, but this romance contains more twists and turns yet to come. Minako ponders her feelings towards Ace and claims that she loves him, but Ace is able to see through her uncertainty. Flicking Minako on the forehead, Ace comments that she is still a child and that she hasn't awakened yet. He walks off, leaving Minako alone in wonder. Their love story becomes more complicated as secrets are revealed.

Saijou is only the beginning.

1 This seeming act of kindness, however, causes Artemis more anxiety, since the last enemy used rainbow chocolates.

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