The Defender: Kaitou Ace

I wonder if someday, somewhere, I'll run into him. A comrade who shares my feelings. A person who understands the real me.

Codename wa Sailor V Volume 10
"Sailor V in a Pinch? Kaitou Ace Appears!"

The third and most recognized form of our hero is the protector of Sailor V. Kaitou Ace, as Minako's own masked defender, contributes some of the most important plot developments in the storyline, and his persona ties all four alter egos together.

In the very last portion of Codename wa Sailor V Volume 9 titled "Sailor V Verses Debrine," we find a tired V looking on as people regain energy and consciousness. She has just defeated Debrine, another minion of the Dark Agency. As mass confusion begins to awaken, candy and slips of paper with dieting information gently drift down from a nearby rooftop. Sailor V looks up, eyes wide, to see a tall man, his face masked, tossing out rainbow candies. Thus begins the mystery of our beloved hero . . .

It seems that no Venus shrine would be complete without a small page dedicated to Kaitou Ace, but this masked hero only appears twice in the series. His appearances are brief and he tends to leave more questions than answers in his wake. By the final volume of the manga we have learned little more about him than what we discovered when he first appeared. Here is what Artemis and Boss were able to dig up by the time Minako travels to China:

Date of birth: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Gender: Unknown
Blood type: Unknown
Native country: Unknown
Date of first appearance: Unknown
All data: Unknown
Company: Avex Trax Productions
Most famous work: Kaitou Ace

Codename wa Sailor V Volume 15
"A New Journey Begins!"

Kaitou Ace, like Sailor V, exists as an actual super hero and the lead character in a franchise.

Kaitou Ace is often compared to Tuxedo Kamen of Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon. The two have similar aesthetics—a white mask and similar features--and they play the same role within their respective series—that of the mysterious defender. The connection, however, may only be skin deep.1

The name "Ace" can refer to several things but is most likely derived from his one and only attack. Used in Sailor V Volume 10, Ace yells out "Delicious Four Card Shot" and a bunch of playing cards fly towards a target. He is also known for giving love fortunes, which he uses cards to do. He reads Minako's fortune twice,2 and the last fortune involves the ace of hearts.

It seems only natural that Kaitou Ace should be taken with Sailor V. To protect her like he does, one could easily think so. It is revealed in Sailor V Volume 10 that he is deeply in love with her, which one can guess easily by the way he acts around her and how, as Saijou Ace, he offers her things. Also in this last suspenseful moment he tells her a heartbreaking secret and reveals himself, her long-thought protector, as Sailor V's biggest threat.

They are enemies—no ifs, ands, or buts—and being enemies, the two must fight. Ace is the one who deals the first blow. A skilled V dodges his attack and creams him with her Crescent Beam. As she tries to hold on to his dying form, he gives her a final love fortune: her love life henceforth will be hopeless.3 With a final word his beautiful form fades into nothingness.

1 For further reading see Two Pair.
2 For further reading see Cruel Medium.
3 For further reading see Cruel Medium.

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