The Enemy: Danburite

Sailor V, you've shown all you can do. At last, it's my turn.

Codename wa Sailor V Volume 10
"Sailor V in a Pinch? Kaitou Ace Appears!"

Of his four alter egos, Danburite is the one of which the least is known. Although it can be assumed that he has been working for the Dark Agency since the very beginning of the series, Danburite is not mentioned by name until Volume 5: "The Dark Agency's Plot."

The Dark Agency itself is a subsection of the Dark Kingdom.1 Its sole purpose is to act as a satellite division, collecting energy for its home organization. Danburite is the leader of the Agency, and he is a direct correspondent to the Dark Kingdom. He directs youma and oversees the division's progress.

He works under the four shitennou—Kunzite, Nephrite, Zoisite, and Jadeite—the same men who serve Queen Beryl in the first season of Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon (though these overseers do not play directly into CNSV's storyline). Danburite's rank is a bit of a mystery: He is lower than the shitennou but presumably above others in the system. Youma refer to him as "Master" throughout the series, and they show him a fierce loyalty.

Danburite's mission is akin to that of his masters: to take over Tokyo, then Japan, then the world. As a precursor to the first-season of BSSM it can be deduced that the energy he gathers will be used to revive Metallia.

1 Codename wa Sailor V Volume 15: "A New Journey Begins!"

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