Lover of Venus

Lover of Venus began is a collection of fanworks dedicated to the Ace of Hearts himself, the tragic masked enemy who loved his princess more than any other man. If you would like to submit art or fanfiction (or any other medium in which you might be working), please send your work to


Ace of Hearts has currently received no fanart submissions. If you'd like to change that, please email your work to For now I am including links to some great works I found on Deviantart (enjoy the slideshow for now since I don't have permission to repost these pieces):


Lover of Venus (Title Poem) by Kotono
Minako's Sorrow by VBabe


And Red All Over (RATED R) by Kerry
Consumed (RATED NC-17) by Kerry


This Broken Road by Kotono
This Fragile Disguise, Vol. 1 and 2 (Aino Minako) by Kerry


Snooping around the internet the other night I discovered this very fantastic Kaitou Ace cosplay! Check out her website for more pictures!

Kaitou Ace cosplay

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