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This is just a collection of my own reflections about different points in the manga that are not long enough to warrant their own pages. The title refers to newspaper clippings. :)


It has been suggested that Adonis quits his quest for Minako's heart because he believes her to be Princess Serenity's lover.1 The point in question is taken from Adonis's revelation in Volume 15: "A New Journey Begins!" Adonis launches into a series of flashbacks of his time serving on behalf of the moon during the Silver Millennium. As he is telling Minako that her heart has never been his to own, an image of Sailor Venus fiercely embracing Princess Serenity is shown, directly followed by an image of Sailor Venus gazing into Kunzite's eyes.

Some fans have argued that these images show two of Minako's lovers, since Adonis is talking about love when they are seen. Though the manga has its fair share of homosexual undertones, I would like to argue that Sailor Venus and Serenity are not presented as lovers in this scenario.

Ace spends a lot of time talking about Minako's duties versus her dreams, and this set of images could fit right in with that theme. In Volume 15, Ace outlines her duty as her sailor mission and her dream as her quest for romance.2 They represent two sides of her heart. In this particular instance, Kunzite is meant to represent romance. This is supported by Takeuchi's intention of a guardian senshi/shitennou pairing.3 Serenity, therefore, represents her duty to protect the royal family. The embrace, then, is a protective gesture, and not a romantic one.

Though, I suppose, you could argue vice versa, so I guess it's up to you to ultimately decide. ;)

Dual Nature: Lover and Foe

A lingering question in the series concerns Ace's conflicting motives. Why doesn't Danburite just defy fate to be with Minako?

Ace subscribes strongly to the idea that nothing happens by chance: everything is somehow predestined; nothing is achieved through free will.

Ace's greatest flaw is his passivity.

Full article forthcoming.
1 Please forgive the lack of a firsthand source on this. It is something I once came across in my browsing, and I cannot remember where I first saw it.
2 For further reading, see Cruel Medium.
3 Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon Artbook 1.

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